Friday, April 21, 2017

Lack Of Motivation

Sometimes there is just nothing worthwhile to deal with. It is just a damp, gray day and nothing is interesting.

All that is worthwhile on the bright sunny ones is totally lacking. Doing anything only seems to feed an addiction or something and not really satisfy a real need.

Youtube, Facebook and Twitter are just gossip sources that just feed ongoing stories to you but never really settle anything. All the noise and flashing colors are just a way of attracting you. They are a bunch of teasers. What is really offered is nothing but more of the same meaningless drivel. Can you really even remember the substance of the last Youtube video you sat through? It is just eye and ear candy and nothing more.

The news and especially opinion pieces on tv strike me the same way. Do they really know all sorts of important things or do they just have a highly paid for gift of gab?

I really look forward to the warm, sunny days after a rainy, cold stretch like this. You really appreciate the mood lifting of the brightness after enduring some of these doom and gloom days.

Much of life seems to be ups and downs like this. There is really a light at the end of the tunnel. Just have patience and wait a while.