Friday, March 31, 2017

I Am Really Happy For Donald Trump

It can be pretty difficult to get a new job when you are in your 70s

Laws about discrimination and all aside, it can be a genuinely difficult thing to do considering competition from younger people and various sorts of protected groups like blacks and women.

Donald Trump has worldwide real estate interests and had to be considering ways to shift responsibility to others for longevity reasons.

I am really glad for him that he found such an excellent solution. His new job should use all his capabilities and hopefully even to do some good in the nation and world. It is a great way to take advantage of an outstanding career.

Where people of different backgrounds, like politics or even entertainment, would be intimidated by the stresses and outright conflicts flung at them and recoil, Trump just goes on. He has been described as sort of an Energizer Bunny the way he just keeps going and going.

The seriousness of many of the things he is doing has to be almost overwhelming but he looks like it is actually strengthening him. After all, he has survived tremendous amounts of competition and even back-stabbing in the business workd. You don't get to his level by smiling at everyone.

He actually looks like he is thriving with all the give and take.